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SCAMPP (Southern California Association for Miniature Potbellied Pigs) is a 501(c)3 organization formed in early 1989-1990 and is the oldest potbellied pig association still very actively meeting and participating in public community and educational events. If you have a potbellied pig(s), or if you are just interested in learning about them and hanging out with those who do, please join us at our meetings and events, and please sign up for membership to receive our regularly published newsletters which are packed full of reports, articles, ads, announcements, event photos, medical articles, personal piggy stories, adoption information and much more ....(membership info here).

We hope you will go through the links above and/or on our SITE MAP to find out who we are, what we have been up to, and to educate yourself on the proper needs and care of potbellied pigs. Anyone interested in Potbellied Pigs as pets can join SCAMPP and you do not need to own a potbellied pig to attend our meetings and events.

In the Beginning

SCAMPP was formed in 1989-1990 shortly after the potbellied pig was brought over to our country. SCAMPP was a club that supported breeding and breeders. SCAMPP is the "Southern California" branch of The National Committee of Potbellied Pigs (which dissolved shortly after SCAMPP was formed), however, SCAMPP's members have kept SCAMPP alive and very active. SCAMPP's charter members worked very hard loading and unloading potbellied pigs and taking them to local and national potbellied pig shows where they entered their pigs into various categories such as conformation judging, tricks, obstacle course, costume judging, and many other fun categories which included potbellied pigs of all ages from piglet to senior pigs. Our charter members' potbellied pigs have won many trophies, ribbons and prizes for their potbellied pigs in both local and national shows, and many of our charter pigs had reached Diamond Trophy and Championship Status.

Over the past several years, we have evolved into more of a "fun" club or organization, helping out rescues and some of our members even rescue pigs themselves from time to time. Due to the overpopulation of potbellied pigs (like other animals), we are geared now towards the education process of proper potbellied pig care to new and prospective potbellied pig owners. We were then, and are now, an organization of people with the same love for potbellied pigs. We love to share stories and chat continually about these loveable animals that have taken over our hearts. We started monthly meetings to do just that.

And Here We Are Today

We still have members who love to show off their pigs, and we do this at various events such as Pet Expos, Adoption Faires, and other community venues. We hold different fundraisers throughout the year to support our organization and rescue/sanctuaries. You can't say we don't have fun at our gatherings.

We do not discriminate. We will never ask your race, your religious beliefs, your political views or your sexual preference, nor will we ask you what your "diet" is. We do not believe these things to be any of our business. We are in this organization for the love of the potbellied pigs....period!

We hold regular meetings in which we discuss the latest Pig News and share information on topics such as grooming, health care, training and keep you posted on all of our upcoming potbellied pig events. We welcome new faces at our meetings. You do not need to be a "member" to attend, kids are also welcome to attend, and you don't even need to own a potbellied pig to attend our meetings and events (meeting location info here).


The primary objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be: To provide advocacy, action, and necessary support towards attaining the best quality of life for pigs as pets; to supply education about the pig and pigs as pets to current pig owners, prospective pig owners, the general public, civic partners, and community partners; to give back to the needs of the community through services provided by SCAMPP and collaborations with SCAMPP, with the interest of the breed incorporated into these endeavors; and to continuously enhance the association to meet these objectives and purposes.






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